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'Bootsy' Collins (bass player for James Brown among others) real name is William Collins


Funky Miracle were formed in 1996 after Steve Francis (drums) played Dr Bob (bass) a recording of The Meters funk classic 'Tippy Toes'. Taking the lead from this early funk we play it loose and dirty.


Noel Mengel from the Courier Mail wrote 'they take their inspiration from the days when "funk" meant music that was so earthy and raw you could almost smell it' when reviewing the first album 'Blue Cheese' in 1999. This album was played on ABC Radio Nationals 'The Nightly Planet'. 


A short film soundtrack, composed by Dr Bob for award winning short film 'Hey Sista' followed. Then came a second album, 'Blue Funk on a Brown TV' which was released in 2005 and made up of 10 original tunes and two covers of 'Meters' classics.


Big Funk

The addition of Andrew Ferrett (vocals, guitar) and Neil Wickham (Sax, percussion) in 2012 gave Funky Miracle new life as a 6 piece covering a wider range of both vocal and instrumental New Orleans material. 


Material includes classics from The Meters, The Neville Brothers and Aaron Neville, as well as funk from Johnny guitar Watson, Bill Withers and The Average White Band.

Authentic New Orleans' style

Professional Grade Funk

All Grooves

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